I finally drew all four of them! 

I should be asleep right now instead of drawing this help me they’ve taken over my life.

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PD: “Are you looking forward to Peter Capaldi?”
DT: “Very much so. The thing is, everyone who’s played the Doctor has brought something significant and unique to it, and everyone has succeeded. One of the great pleasures of being a Doctor Who fan is people want to debate and compare […] and each Doctor appeals to different people in different ways. And every Doctor that comes along is going to be different and unique and successful in their own right.”
PD: “Excellent. Anything else?”
DT: “Uhh. A nice coat is always important.”

- The Ultimate Time Lord

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Romana I - I’ve been watching the Key to Time season and she’s awesome and I really really wanted to draw her so here we are.

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Getting to Know Me Meme — [2/5] FAVORITE FEMALE CHARACTERS.

Doctor Elizabeth Shaw. Classic Doctor Who.


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RTD Era Meme: One Companion

Donna Noble


"You’ve got the century wrong…"

The Leisure Hive - season 18 - 1980

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